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Hello 2018!!

So what are everyone’s New Years resolutions? Comment below!

I’m mainly focusing on completing my Goodreads Reading Challenge! I came very close to my 2017 goal, so I’m resetting the same goal for this year!

Other than that, I’m going to have fun in my wedding planning journey and the new chapter of my life ahead of me. So many things changed last year, so this year is a whole new world!

Looking forward to the near future!! 🙂

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I have spoken to Madara Uchiha

So I got lucky enough to get a few likes, a retweet, and some comments back and forth from Neil Kaplan, the voice behind Madara Uchiha in Naruto.

Honestly, I feel like my life is complete! This is so cool. I can’t even begin to explain how awesome this is!

Had anyone else gotten in touch with actors of their favorite show, movie, etc?? If so, who!?

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Favorite Friday!

1) Favorite movie?

2) Favorite vacation spot?

3) Favorite TV show?

4) Favorite cartoon character?

5) Favorite author?

6) Favorite color?

7) Favorite food?

8) Favorite video game?

Ready, set, go!! Comment below!

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It’s Writer Wednesday!!

Where is your favorite place to write? Why?

Comment below!! 🙂

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Post your animal pics in the comments!! 😀

Top 3 Books on Your Shelf!

Here are my top 3 books as of right now:

1) Night by Elie Wiesel
2) Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
3) Children of the Flames by Luchette Lagnado

Name your top 3 favorites in the comments below! Maybe we'll all get some good recommendations!

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How to Get Past that Writer’s Block…

Over the years, I've gone through periods of time when found it hard to sit down and start writing something. Sometimes the inspiration just wasn't here or I was having idea trouble. I had the urge to write but sometimes writer's block kicks in and then I feel completely stuck.

Here are 3 tips to cure a writer's worst nightmare:

1) Whatever is in your head, write it down. Whether it makes sense or not, get it down in paper. Sometimes clearing your mind is the best to make way for new ideas.

2) Talk to a friend or family member. Sometimes verbally talking things out (whether it's ideas or something totally unrelated) can help clear your mind and get the ball rolling again.

3) Ask for advice or help from other writer's. Although we may see one another as competitors, writers should stick together! Ask someone else who writes what they do to cure writer's block or even bounce new ideas off one another.

Have any more tips for writer's block? Comment below and share your secrets with your fellow bloggers!

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Back to School!

What school are you attending? What are your future plans after college (or high school)!?

I miss school so much! I used to love this time of year. Buying new clothes, school supplies, etc!

What is your favorite part!? Comment below!

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Favorite Friday: Anime!

Let's get some conversations going! Comment below and tell me:

1) What's your favorite anime?
2) Who's your favorite character?
3) Do you have any anime crushes? 😉
4) What anime haven't you seen but want to start watching?

Ready. Set. Gooooooo! Have fun! 🙂

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