I'm sure everyone has had those nights where you feel like you'll never fall asleep, you're just not tired enough, or too many things are on your mind to even think about putting your head on your pillow! Here's what has worked for me:

  • Reading!  Read just a few pages of a more light-hearted, fun, or positive book. It redirects your thoughts to another world right before bed. 
  • Candle light! Light a candle and turn the lights off.  This triggers our body's supply of melatonin ( a natural, sleepy drug).
  • Talk it out! Have someone come over or talk to someone on the phone to get all of your thoughts off your chest. Working through frustrations or sadness right before bed puts your mind at ease.
  • Listen to soft music! Sometimes soft music in the background can be soothing as you lay in bed at night.
  • Essential oils! Buy yourself a small diffuser and a small bottle of essential oil (particularly lavender) and it'll fill your room with a great smell plus it too triggers sleepiness. 

What are your routines or ways of de-stressing at night? I'd love to hear some more ideas! 

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