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“The Practice of Creative Writing”

I highly recommend The Practice of Creative Writing by Heather Sellers not only for students but those, like me, who just want some more practice or fun, unique prompts to fine tune their skills!! 

(Plus I’m a little bias because Heather is one of our authors at the publishing company that I work for!! She’s amazing!)

You Ever Get That Feeling

I can feel it–I know this year will be the year of change (for the better, of course). I’m getting good vibes about the things coming my way! 

What are some things you’d like to see change this year? Leave your comments below! 

AWP Conference in DC

Are any of you at this writing conference!?! 

If you haven’t been, it’s definitely worth stopping by if you’re close or in the area! Or invest in the trip next year–surround yourselves with other writers, publishers, and authors! 

Best Piece of Advice You Ever Received…

What is the best advice someone has ever given you about life? 

Really think about it and share in the comments below!!

Calling All Writers?!

Here are some questions for you (you can answer in the comments below!):

  1. How long have you been writing?
  2. What kind of writing do you currently do?
  3. Has any of your work been published? (Doesn’t have to be a big publication either!)
  4. Is writing your job or hobby (or both)?

Writers unite! Let’s do this! 🙂

Quote of the Day…

All the struggles you go through and all the time and effort you spend trying to achieve your goals and dreams, are worth it! Don’t give up–keep pushing and fighting for what you want. You will receive it! 

Nighttime Stress Relief

I’m sure everyone has had those nights where you feel like you’ll never fall asleep, you’re just not tired enough, or too many things are on your mind to even think about putting your head on your pillow! Here’s what has worked for me:

  • Reading!  Read just a few pages of a more light-hearted, fun, or positive book. It redirects your thoughts to another world right before bed. 
  • Candle light! Light a candle and turn the lights off.  This triggers our body’s supply of melatonin ( a natural, sleepy drug).
  • Talk it out! Have someone come over or talk to someone on the phone to get all of your thoughts off your chest. Working through frustrations or sadness right before bed puts your mind at ease.
  • Listen to soft music! Sometimes soft music in the background can be soothing as you lay in bed at night.
  • Essential oils! Buy yourself a small diffuser and a small bottle of essential oil (particularly lavender) and it’ll fill your room with a great smell plus it too triggers sleepiness. 

What are your routines or ways of de-stressing at night? I’d love to hear some more ideas! 

Book Recommendations??

In the comments below, name 1 book that you would recommend that I read! 🙂

Keep in mind, I like the following genres:

  1. Crime/Mystery/Suspense
  2. Military History Non-Fiction & Memoir (specifically WWII/Holocaust)
  3. Non-Fiction
  4. Sci-Fi (not Harry Potter though, more like the Percy Jackson series-Greek/Roman/Norse mythology)

Quote of the Day…

It may not be perfect, but you have one life to live. Don’t dwell and stress over the things you cannot change. Take all that energy and push yourself towards a better you. Stay focused, motivated, determined, and consistent… and you will go far.

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